This is Why We Make A F*cking Schedule

So you know what happens when you don’t really make a schedule and commit to it?   Nothing. Absolutely nothing.   Or I could have titled this post “Why I haven’t posted in a month”. Same difference.   Why do I think that if I keep it all in my head it works out okay? That I can somehow free… Read more →

The Best Thing I Have Done In Like Forever

Confession: I’ve had my television running for 24 years straight. Okay, not continually, but I have basically gone to sleep with the tv on (and honestly, can we find out who created that sleep function on the remote because you, my friend, are the Tesla of television functionality) for a couple of decades and turning it on has been the… Read more →

See Spot Grow

So there you are on another morning that the first thought in your head is ‘oh yay, here we go again’ read in the monotone voice that drowns in your head and the next 16 hours hang there before you like a deep fog on an autumn morning. Maybe not so suffocating that you can’t still breathe, but an opaque… Read more →

Why I Am Isn’t Enough

Generally we don’t head down the self-development path when things are going well in our lives. It tends to take a crisis (sometimes of our own making, sometime delivered delightfully from the blind side), difficult times, or uncomfortable environments to move us to find answers to the pain points of life. I think I was the lucky girl who had… Read more →

1+2+3 = Hot Mess

Alrighty then, let’s lay it all out there…you know, so those of us and by us I mean you because I would never be so judgemental as to be one of those people who like to have something to compare our lives to and always feel better when somebody has it worse than you.   My name is Allison….read this… Read more →

Part 3: Still Sliding – Years 3 & 4

I realized that maybe putting down your inner demons wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. I haven’t even scratched the surface of the hot mess moments of my life….not even a little….and I’m not sure I want to do it anymore. But that is generally my life, two steps in and a big ole’ pile of nope. I… Read more →

Part 2 – The Four Year Slide: Years 1&2

A funny thing happened on the way to finding herself – her life fell apart piece by piece.   The ongoing theme of the last four years has been a somewhat consistent dismantling of what had been my comfortably uncomfortable life. Not such a painful existence that I was pushed to make it better, but a steady day-in day-out malaise… Read more →

Allison = Truth

I am going to go ahead and own my Facebook addiction now.   I don’t know that it is so much an addiction as a great distraction to those of us who aren’t exactly keen on our own lives. We can fill our time with voyeuristic poking of timelines to see how our lives measure. And by measure, I mean… Read more →

Blame It On A Michael’s Coupon…

Did you know half-birthdays are a thing now?   I do. Thank you very much Michael’s craft store. It just landed in my inbox. Boom! Happy half-birthday, here’s your coupon, go buy yourself something pretty. (Okay, it didn’t say that last part, but I am pretty sure that’s what it meant.)   Well, I didn’t. Instead I opted for the… Read more →